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We’re not just steel detailers, we’re industry enthusiasts… and as such we wholly understand the difference between a software operator and a steel detailer. With over 7 years of experience as both, we’ve come to understand the full construction concept & process of a project and where steel detailing fits and serves our clients’ needs. We are eager to see our clients succeed and we know how much of that success is hinged on the steel detailing process. We choose to complete the detailing process with modern computer software in order to ensure a consistent, precise, and reliable product delivery to each of our clients while catering to their individual needs. We hope our resume below will aid in earning the trust necessary to secure integral future relationships.


The Team

Robert Caputo, Co-Owner & Lead Detailer – 7 years total steel detailing experience.

  • 2007 to 2011 – 4 years in commercial and miscellaneous steel detailing to include casinos, warehouses, hospitals, retail, library, schools, hospital, renovation & additions, stairs & rail, spiral stairs, rolling gates, catwalks, screen walls, canopies, & more. Involved with design drawing checking, modelling, connecting, shop & erection drawing production, RFI writing/tracking/implementing, communicating with project managers for various trades and projects via phone or email, project status and direction meetings, detailer coordination meetings to involve multiple detailers on one project. I received multiple raises during my service and was generously sent on a 4 day trip to Milwaukee, WI for the 2008 Tekla Structures User Meeting & Model Competition – all expenses paid. The firm had submitted one of it’s projects to the modelling competition that I was very fortunate to be a part of. After rocky times in 2010-2011, I took a career break and left on good terms with the firm.
  • 2011 to 2014 – I applied to a highly renowned and respected full discipline firm which offers a full range of pre-design & design services mainly in the industrial mining sector. I was accepted with a rather delightful and unexpected 25% pay rate increase beyond what I requested. I continued to receive an additional raise during my service. My duties included single-handed project completion for various industrial steel projects such as equipment support structures, conveyor support structures, chutes and grinding structures as well as team based project completion including mill buildings, fine crushers, dust collectors, a-frame structures, reagents buildings, electro-winning, solvent extraction buildings, & more. These projects included diverse environments such as metric units, Spanish design drawings, national & international fabricators and fabrication processes, current MSHA license, and an extremely fast paced design-build setting.
  • 2014 to 2015 – After an unfortunate, but life-guiding lay-off I continued my career as an independent subcontractor and eventually business owner with a local steel fabricator. I have been working with them since June of 2014 to present. We have completed over a dozen projects together with no ill-fortune in sight. These projects have spanned from solar carports to multi-story apartments, including renovations & additions, a child-day care center, stairs & miscellaneous, and more.

A Statement From Robert:

“In 2004, I began my drafting career by randomly selecting an AutoCAD class as an elective/math credit in high school. Of course, I didn’t know that at the time! After 3 enthusiastic years of hand and computer drafting in high school, a 2006 high-school aged “1st Place Arizona State Drafting Competition” award, and a year as a teacher’s aide in high school drafting class I was ready to move into the work force ahead of schedule. In January of 2007, I began my career as a commercial and miscellaneous steel detailer for a highly experienced detailing firm in Mesa, AZ. Here I would spend 4 years working with multiple detailers from diverse backgrounds on small to extra large projects to learn the ins and outs of steel detailing using the power of Tekla Structures. Before I knew it, 2011 took me by surprise and I would soon spend 2.5 years in the industrial mining sector detailing for a largely successful and international Engineering firm out of Chandler, Arizona. After an unfortunate company wide lay-off in April 2014, I was left jobless. I decided it was time to take life by the horns and pursue my true potential as a steel detailing company owner. I am grateful to all that has contributed to my experience and passion for steel detailing and I hope to pay it forward to my clients and the industry as a whole.”

Kyle MacKenzie, Co-Owner & Steel Estimator – 1 year detailing experience, 3+ years in the know.

Kyle is an ASU graduate who has known Robert as a personal friend for many years, so he was aware of the type of work a steel detailer does. Realizing the rewarding opportunities of the career but not wanting to return to school right away for a new employment opportunity, he asked Robert what it took to start a steel detailing company of their own. Shortly after that he found himself dedicating personal time and resources to pursuing a career as a business owner and steel detailer. Without Kyle Light Steel Detailing would not exist today. Kyle pursues client relationships, job leads, assembles and schedules bid meetings, operates Tekla Structures for estimating purposes, and is a detailer in training. Detailing training duties include design drawing checking, assembly and part drawing production, and document control.

Our Clients & References

Skyline Steel Inc.

631 W Commerce Ave.
Gilbert, AZ 85233
(480) 926-0122

Reference: Contact William Heredia, Structural Estimator & Project Manager

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