Our Bidding Process

What makes us different? We use the latest 3D detailing software and modern checking procedures in order to create an accurate Bill of Materials, or BOM Model. By translating the bid set into a precise 3D BOM Model immediately for bidding purposes we can accomplish more accurate piece counts and project weight estimates in a shorter amount of time compared to hand bidding techniques. This allows us to fine tune our bid resulting in a better value for our clients.

Benefits of Early “3D BOM Model” Bidding

  • Expedited Bill of Materials Report
  • Get Accurate Piece Counts Early
  • 3D BOM Model Snapshot
  • Visualize¬†Phasing & Sequencing Options
  • No Fluff Bidding

Further, rewards of early 3D BOM Model bidding are maximized should the project at hand be awarded to us. At the time of award, we have already completed a checked skeleton of the model with accurate grids, profiles, main piece lengths, main piece counts, phasing & more. This allows us to begin immediate production and provide a quick turn around for time sensitive project information, anchor bolts & templates, embeds, erection drawings, steel shops, and more.

Competitive Rates Due to No Fluff Bidding

Once our accurate Bill of Materials Model is completed, we simply assign a price-per-ton unit to the project based on a variety of factors and multiply by the project weight. These factors include items such as client relationship, schedule requirements, project difficulty, project management requests, & more. We then back check this number to an hours-worked estimate based on our piece counts generated by our accurate model. By comparing the estimated project hours with the project weight we are able to fine tune our final bid estimate and provide an accurate delivery schedule.

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