Grewal in Phoenix, AZ

This project involved resurrecting an old apartments project that was abandoned years previous. The slab was existing with anchor rods already in place. This required us to coordinate the newly approved design drawings and vision with the existing as-built conditions. To ensure accuracy, we imported a CAD drawing survey of the existing slab and anchors into our model. This allowed us to fine tune hole placement in column base plates as well as accommodate a major grid shift in the new design. The project scope was to provide detailing and erection drawings for columns, beams, embeds, lintels, and 4 steel stair towers with 4 flights each. In total there were 65 columns, 191 beams, 191 channels, 16 flights of stairs & rail, over 800 combined of embeds & edge plate, and 635 steel joists. The joists were not detailed by us, but required us to model them accurately for embed & 100’s of joist bridging part placement referencing.

Project Status: Completed

Project Weight: 118 tons

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