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“…choosing Light Steel Detailing means choosing success…”

We understand the careful choice made when selecting a steel detailer for your project. We can assure that choosing Light Steel Detailing means choosing success, longevity, and integrity. Our passion for steel detailing and thorough modern procedures combined will deliver the quality you want in the time you need. Thank you for considering Light Steel Detailing.



1. Invitation to Bid – A steel fabricator asks Light Steel Detailing to bid a project for our services. Using the bid set, we immediately build an accurate model of the main pieces, produce an advanced bill of material, and fill out our bid form including cost and delivery time. A model snapshot, preliminary bill of materials report, and our bid form is sent as a bid package. Our client receives the bid package as a single zipped file via email, typically within 48 hours of confirming receipt of the invitation to bid.



2. Award, Kick-Off Meeting, Begin Production – Once the project has been awarded to us and all paperwork and kick-off information has been tended to we can immediately begin production. Because we have already constructed an accurate baseline model, we can promptly begin work on time sensitive delivery items such as anchors & templates, embeds, lintels, stairs/rails (for safety & access), beginning phases or sequences, and etc… We are also open to beginning actual production early upon discussion with the fabricator if expedited delivery times are needed.



3. RFI, Detail & Draw, Check & Submit – With a head start on the model we make ourselves aware of any RFI’s needed due to design errors, inconsistencies, potential for misinterpretation or clashing, plus many other possibilities. We can track RFI’s, design changes/change orders, assembly/part status, & more using the model. During and after steel detailing the project is thoroughly checked to the latest design and modern AISC, OSHA, and other applicable standards. Here we are ready to submit the approval package containing all necessary shop and field drawings and details as well as a reminder of outstanding RFI’s, hold lists, & more.



4. Review, Revise, & Release –  Once the approval package returns from approval, our team will thorough review any comments made by the approver. Typically, due to our thorough checking process and quality product most comments will be the result of a design change or response to missing information. We then choose to discuss the project status and final delivery details with the fabricator, make the necessary revisions, and release the final package for shop fabrication & field erection. From here we are all ears and still all hands on deck. We are more than happy to pick up the phone or write up an email to any questions that may arise during the fabrication and erection process. The below image is an actual example of one of our completed projects in it’s final phases of construction.


In 2014, Light Steel Detailing completed over a dozen successful projects and all of them have been erected and many fully completed and operating. For a list of completed projects, please view our Portfolio or Resume.

Thank you for lending your time to us and we hope to serve you soon!

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