We are eager to see our clients succeed and we know how much of that success is hinged on the steel detailing process. This is why Light Steel Detailing goes above and beyond when it comes to customer service.


Our hours of operation are from 7:00am to 7:00pm Monday through Friday. We can be reached by email & phone via our Contact Us page. During off hours, our e-mails and voice-mails are forwarded to our personal devices in order to provide prompt project awareness.

Traveling, Meetings, & Site Visits

Our staff is willing to travel anywhere in the Arizona Phoenix Valley, as well as Tuscon and other surrounding areas for a variety of services. We can provide a detailing representative for project meetings in the shop, at the site, or elsewhere if required. We are also willing to travel to the site in order to obtain simple measurements for use in steel detailing where site information is required per the design drawings or RFI request such as as-built conditions, existing wall or piece locations for renovation or additions, clear openings for equipment, gates, stairs, and etc. In some cases, we are able to fly out of state for kick-off or other important meetings should out of state clients require our services. By offering these services, we save our clients the expense of employee time & materials.

3D BIM – Building Information Model Provides Project Tracking, Phasing, & More

By utilizing the latest in 3D Building Information Model Detailing software we are able to provide our clients with precise tracking services from within our model. We can track RFI’s, shop drawing submittals, piece status, change order history, phasing and sequencing, and more. In addition, we can provide color coded model snapshots and in depth information reports pertaining to these items and the steel they affect.

Quality Control Procedures

Using only the highest quality detailing procedures is our bottom line. We do not let anything out of our hands that has not been checked both to the design set, industry standards, and for presentation. We combine traditional hand checking procedures with modern computer aided checking procedures. Each project is checked at the bidding phase, modelling phase, connecting phase, drawing phase, and final phase of packaging and submission. Our goal for every project is to submit the approval package as if it were to be released for fabrication. In this way, if no design changes are noted and no mistakes are made, the package can have an expedited fabrication release.

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